Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE! On Power…

Thought 4 Today… Thought 4 LIFE!
On Power…
“You are the one you need to love, to honor, to respect, to rely upon, and to listen to before all others.”
-Kennedy Schultz, You Are The Power
So…This is what I Know…
The Power to soar, rather than creep, is that Creative Power which backs all that exists.
Of This… I am certain!
In our world… In our power oriented society… It is this Creative Power…Source,Spirit, God… that represents the positive side to feeling Powerful. It is the magic in BElieving that we have the Power Within to BE all that we want to BE… And achieve all that we want to achieve.
This Creative Power…our Authentic Power from Within… is that which allows us to test the limits of our BEing.
To take control, and to do what we may think we cannot do.
Today… I invite YOU to tap into Your Godling Self… God’s Creative Power within You…not merely Your earthing self…and experience and express harmony and perfection in every area of Your Life.
To Experience and express peace in Your heart.
This is what I Know.
I Know our good BEgins Within us!
Today, I invite You to go Within to the still, small voice that knows the Truth about You.
Today, I do not worry about pleasing others. I just follow my heart!
Today, I see my Life as a Blessing!
For this, I AM so grateful!
How about You?
BE The Source Within YOU… Now!
Remember… Have a Magnificent and Healthy Day… Everyday!
And…Just in case no one has told You today…I Love YOU!

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