Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE! On Perspective…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!
On Perspective…
“What we outwardly are, and what we are to become, depends upon what we are thinking, for this is the way we are using Creative Power.”
-Ernest Holmes
It’s all about perspective… How we see things. What we BElieve about ourSelf, as well as, the world around us.
I have had situations, circumstances, and events in my life that I could have chosen to interpret as devastating. Instead, I chose to allow those same instances to Empower me… To Liberate me!
In large part, I did not allow the noise created by those seemingly devastating instances to instill doubt and insecurity within me. I did not allow them to deny me from feeling my personal best.
 Instead…I chose confidence and Self-assuredness…Thus, creating a pathway to happiness and a sense of satisfaction, regardless of situation, circumstance, or event.
The Confident face their fears… And try new ways. The Self-assured seek gratification that comes from within… And which is less influenced by the approval and judgement of others.
Today… I invite YOU to BElieve in yourSelf!
For… Such promotes peace of mind… And success in every area of your life!
Today… I invite YOU to…Think, “I can”… And You will!
Of this, I AM certain!
BE The Source Within YOU…Now!
Have a Magnificent, Happy and Healthy day…Everyday!
 Just in case no one has told You today…I Love You!

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