Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE! On Obstacles…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!
On Obstacles…
In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. -Albert Einstein
So…this is what I know.
With a heightened sense of Self, obstacles can, in many ways, BEcome opportunities. As we recognize our past obstacles, and acknowledge all that we have accomplished as we overcame those obstacles, we are best prepared for today’s present moments, joys and challenges included.
As we travel on this Journey called Life, everyone, from one time to another, has experienced obstacles. Perhaps family problems, unsettling economic times, legal challenges, divorce, illness and disease, and even death have served to batter us, at least, emotionally.
Yet, somehow, we have managed to whether those bumps in the road. Whatever our particularly brand of coping, now is the time to applaud and appreciate what we have overcome. To realize and declare the obstacles surmounted, and the strength which we have amassed while rising above Life’s inevitable challenges and struggles.
In large measure, obstacles are as big and bright, or as small and dull as we interpret them. However, we always know when we have overcome an obstacle…When we have successfully risen to the challenge that has confronted us.
Today… I invite You to see that proverbial glass as half full…rather than half empty. Better yet…See that glass as overflowing! I Do!
Today…I invite You to see little hillsides, rather than insurmountable mountains, as you face your fears, and eliminate that word “can’t”.
What challenge or struggle…what obstacle that You are faced with might You turn into an opportunity?
Yes…acknowledge and reward yourSelf for the unique and Empowered BEing You are!
You deserve it.
Of this, I AM certain!
BE The Source Within You…Now!
Have a Magnificent and Healthy day, Everyday!
With Love and Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE! On Obstacles…

  1. Hello Rhonda. Thank you for sharing your words on overcoming obstacles in our lives. As you stated challenge or struggles that You are faced with might turn into an opportunity was very true in my personal life. Again thank you and I look forward to more motivational stories.

    1. HI, Anna!
      Thank you for your comment!
      So glad this particular post resonated with you!
      Such is the case in my personal and professional Life!

      And…as a LIFEstyle Empowerment Alchemist, Coach, Author, and Speaker I Know first hand that it is the good, as well as, the not so good stuff, that can serve to Empower us…if we choose…helping us to Live the Life we Desire…rather than settling for less, year after year…living life in default mode!
      Stay tuned!

      In the meantime…Have a Magnificent and Healthy day…Everyday!

      I Remain In Service
      With Love and Appreciation!


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