Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE! on Baggage!…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!
On Baggage…
“We should also erase the thoughts of yesterday that would rob us of today’s happiness.” -Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind
Having made several trips back-and-forth to nearly the East Coast over the last three months I got to thinking…
If we were to put all our emotional baggage in a suitcase, it is likely that it could fill a jumbo jet.
In that case… Where would we be headed?
Likely….No  where… And fast!
The inhibiting baggage that we carry in Life today inhibits our happiness and well-BEing.
To rid ourSelves of unhelpful feelings from the past, We must first recognize what baggage we are carrying… And be willing to let it go.
Whether your baggage Fits into one suitcase or not …stuff it all in there… Open the door to the plane in midflight… Figuratively… And throw the suitcase out. Smile as you let it fall into millions of pieces as it plummets to earth.
Who needs it anyway …anymore?!!!
The only baggage you will carry from now on is healthy baggage… Those pleasant, Life-affirming thoughts from the past that soothe and comfort us.
Any other memory is of no use!
Today… I invite YOU to rid yourself of this excess baggage… And lift the burden of the past from your Life in the present.
BE The Source  Within YOU…Now!
Have a Magnificent, Happy, and Healthy day… Everyday!
And…Just in case no one has told you today…i LOVE YOU!

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