Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE! On Action…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!
On Action…
Action is a great restorer & builder of confidence.
Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear.
Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow.
But any action is better than no action at all.
-Norman Vincent Peale
For many of us, 2021 has been a challenging year. 
Just when we thought we were navigating out of the physical, emotional, Spiritual, and not to mention…but I will…the financial struggles of 2020…enter 2021!
However, I do believe this time is giving us the opportunity to continue to pause, and press the Re-set button.
An opportunity to continue to look Inside our heart and Soul.
Or to BEgin to go within and claim our Authentic Power from within.  To grow and evolve and BEcome more of who we really are.
The choice is ours!
With just under 100 days left in 2021…Our year of Change…and more Change…
Ask YourSelf…
How can I make the most of the remainder of this year of Change…this year  2021?
This is all also the Season of Autumn. The Equinox. This is the Season of Harvest.
For IT is Now that those seeds that we have been sowing…we will BE reaping in Divine Right Order!
Know that!
Even in this time of uncertainty let’s make the most of what Life is giving us!  That which we are calling forward to learn some lessons.  To reap an Abundant Harvest…of Love…of Joy…of the Good (God) stuff!
IT calls for Action!
Trust and BElieve …I Know!
What say You?
Today …I invite You to take Inspired Action! To get out of Your comfort zone and make those Changes that You have been guided to make!
Trust and BElieve…I  AM!
Try IT…for You just might like IT!
BE The Source Within You…NOW!
Have a Magnificent, Happy, and Healthy day… Everyday!
And…Just in case no one has told You today…I Love YOU!

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