Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On One With The Universe…
“ No age or time of life, no position or circumstance, has a monopoly on success. Any age is the right age to start doing.” -Ralph Gerard
Would You agree that this year has been extremely stressful?
We’ve all been shaken to our core, and continuously forced to open our hearts, as well as our eyes to new dimensions of reality…that “new normal“.
This years 20/20 “perfect” vision year is causing our mental, emotional, and Spiritual well-BEing some ups and downs…some joys and sorrows…some clarity, as well as, some confusion.
This polarity of extremes is prominent, generating chaos and uncertainty…
causing us to BE out of sorts, and out of alignment.
The Universe…Source, Spirit, God is all powerful and loving. When You are connected to the Universe anything can BE…can BEcome for You.
Did You know that?
To BE in harmony with everything that exists, and in total alignment with all that surrounds us, is one of Life’s greatest blessings… Now and always!
Usually…if we are out of alignment with Source Universe, we are likely to experience and express challenge, struggle…perhaps, even, pain.
Of this… I AM certain!
Today…I invite YOU to clear out whatever is blocking Your Spiritual energy. When You do this… Source Universe will pour into You…and bring to You…whatever the time in Your Life…wonderful health, Abundance, loving relationships…And Happiness that You need… that You want!
How about some Happiness today?
What say You?!
BE The Source Within YOU…Now!
Have a Magnificent and Healthy day…Everyday!
Love & Blessings!
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