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Book Review – Prescriptions For Living A Creative Life, by Neil Tepper

Being a total advocate of Living the Life you desire… as well as how those challenging, debilitating, much less than positive experiences we have all had can still serve us as Blessings… not to mention, but I will…Empower us on the Journey to Living the Life we desire, Neil Tepper’s book, Prescriptions For Living A Creative Life, left me smiling, as well as envisioning and practicing the Life of Possibility in both confirming and new ways!

Bombarded from all directions in the Age of Information, we are called to remember that Less is more! That’s the good news…and Neil, also known as “The Creativity Doctor”, says…and prescribes…just that in basic, simple, and informative ways that will produce truly inspirational and transformational results for those that wish, as well as dare to utilize that Authentic Power that resides within each one of us!

So, if you are ready to celebrate Life…to Live the Life that you desire, I highly recommend what this “Doctor” orders. To learn more, visit Neil’s website at www.neiltepper.com.

To your Empowerment!

Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA
The Wellness Institute International