On Successful Happiness…Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Successful Happiness…


“No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation.” -Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

So…This is what I know!

There is no amount of money, possessions or ego (that edging God out) gratification that can bring us happiness. There remains no such thing as the perfect house, perfect car, perfect job, or perfect person to make us happy. Happiness… that peace of mind… comes with the recognition that our happiness is totally and unequivocally in our control.

Let’s think of it this way…

Feelings of joy and bliss are ours as we choose to turn on our inner light, which is forever charged, and ready willing and able to shine. Just like turning on a light to illuminate the darkness of a room. Our attitudes and beliefs can sometimes keep us from that light. Sometimes we get caught up in the drama of the moment, allowing fear and doubt to surface.

That non-beneficial emotional stuff overrides our resolve and keeps us from realizing our dreams, as well as, all the success we deserve.

Today…I invite You to experience and express success and happiness. To let in the light, the clarity, and allow your soul to soar as you visualize all possibilities.

Today…as You give of yourSelf to others, do something for yourSelf.
As You are being a friend…make a friend.
As You count your blessings… find those blessings in disguise!

BE The Source Within You, Now!

Have a Magnificent Day… Everyday! Blessings!


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