On Parenting…Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Parenting…

To bring up a child in the way she should go, travel that way yourself once in a while. -Henry Wheeler Shaw

Mama… As you can see …your roses are doing very well.  Happy Birthday, Mama!

Today, especially, I give tribute to my Mama… Who made her Transition nearly three years ago… and whose greatest gift to me was not only nurturance and love… But, to be the best parent you can be at the time you are being a parent.

Our mother, Aynesse, was a kind and generous person. She was a devoted wife and mother who raised five children.
But more than that… Mama exemplified the light of GOD! She Lived the life of Jesus as the example and not merely the exception.
Mama was our teacher… With our biggest lesson being to BE compassionate, loving and nurturing to all.
Mama was our inspiration… always encouraging us to be the best that we could be.
Mama was our Truth; because it is that which is within us that truly matters.

We miss you, Mama! We know that you will always remain in our hearts… As we remain in your heart of hearts!

We cherish all of the wonderful memories we have made together, and will carry your values with us!

No more darkness

No more no more night

Praise the Lord

You saw the light!

We love you, Mama!

Today I invite YOU to remember that that is all you can expect from your parents! For there are no universities that will degree you in parenting. We learn to parent as we go.

Especially today… I invite YOU to be the parent that you have… Or you wish you had ….and do it with love… Love for your parents and love for your children!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Have a Magnificent Day… Everyday!



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