On Life…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Life…

“Things are as bad and as good as they seem. There’s no need to add anything extra.” -Pema Chodron

So…This is what I Know!

Our lives are like seasons. We are subject to seasons… Just like every other living thing on the planet. We go through the growth of spring, the flowering of summer, the shedding of autumn harvest… And the stillness in dormancy of winter. However, our seasons are within us… They are internal.

All of our internal seasons… Whether it be Joy or Self-doubt feelings… Are necessary in the process where we grow and mature. What is no longer serving us is shed and diminished so that the new may emerge and blossom for us.

Our personal… Internal… seasons are triggered by various happenings. Some external event…perhaps, a death, divorce, or other challenging loss may plummet us into a deep winter season within us. How long we remain in that winter season usually is defined by what it takes to find our way out. That is what makes this Life Journey a challenge…as well as, a pleasurable adventure!

This is when it is time to trust that we will grow in ways we need to… And find the answers we seek… Within us!

Today… I invite YOU to know and trust that even when we are in our winter season… And challenged with feelings of despair or struggle… Not knowing when or how winter will subside… That Spring will soon come again!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Have a Magnificent Day… Everyday!
Blessings & Happy Weekend!

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