On Gentleness…

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On Gentleness…

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” -Han Suyin

Having just returned from my visit back East to see my family, I have spent most of the time with my precious grandson, JP…formally, Baby James. Through our adventures and escapades, I found myself asking him to, “BE Gentle!” Yes… “Be gentle”… With your toys… With Harry and Nash (the dogs), with going up and down the stairs… And, especially, with Siti (that would be me…grandma in Arabic).
Regardless of age, gender… Yes, even boys can be gentle… Political persuasion, food groups of choice, or favorite football team, the art of being gentle knows no limits! Although the body and the mind may sometimes feel inclined to not be gentle… To shout, rather then see the strength in silence…our Spiritual Power…our Authentic Power
from within need not flex any muscle to demonstrate even the greatest strength.

As I practice gentleness with JP… Encouraging him to do the same with himself, with me… with others, provides me with an even deeper respect for the wonder and goodness, as well as the temporariness of all our relationships. Especially, this time with JP… I fully realize The present… That whatever particular moment we happen to be experiencing together will never be repeated in just the same way again. That realization… That declaration moves me into an even more gentle presence… A Sacredness! Of this… I AM certain!

Gentleness… That tender touch, those kind words and gestures, a true soft-spokenness… All indicating a Consciousness of BEing present and caring! That is what our planet needs in order that each and everyone of us may feel and exude the love and power within us… Encouraging the love and power of others …that we collectively may live as, first and foremost, the Spiritual Beings that we are.

Today… I invite YOU to practice BEing more gentle in all that YOU do… In all whom YOU are!
For it is then that YOU may truly know the blessing that YOU are… And all the blessings that surround YOU!

YES…Of this…I AM certain!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Have a Magnificent day… Everyday!
With Love & In Gratitude…Blessings!

2 thoughts on “On Gentleness…

  1. What beautiful words spoken eloquently and yes gentle and I have 1st night/ tart Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Meyer tree and s that is the best I can do for you and the baby

  2. What beautiful words spoken eloquently and yes gentle as the morning breeze. Thank you for the gentle and loving reminder. Much love and blessings
    Welcome home

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