On Energy…Us In Motion!

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!
On Energy…Us In Motion!
We do not create energy, we distribute it, and in the natural sciences, we know that we can transform energy from one type to another. So the will may decide what form the energy is to take, but it cannot nor does it need to create the energy.
-Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

When you look back at 2020 will you say…

“So glad 2020 is finally over!”

Or will you say…

“Wow! What an amazing year it’s been. I have truly realized what are the priorities in my Life!”

Yes, it’s been a tough year full of much struggle and sadness!


So…with five days left in 2020…ushering in our New Year 2021…This is what I Know…

We have all the energy we need to do and BE everything we are called to do and BE. We have all we need Spiritually to change, and to grow!

Trust and believe…nothing stays the same! Been there…done…and doing that, now!
Know in your heart, as well as your mind, that whatever troubles appear overwhelming today, they shall pass.
It is through faith and knowing, not merely hope, that we transition to where we need to BE through whatever challenges and struggles we may face.
Know In your heart that when you stop attempting the new, fail to take chances, and refuse to face your fears, you will stagnate. You will no longer evolve into the Divine BEing that you are.
Today…I invite You to claim your energy!
Refuse to become complacent!
Keep changing!
Keep dreaming!
Keep growing!
Our Divine energy is always available to us!
Of this, I am certain!
BE The Source Within You…Now!
Have a Magnificent and Healthy day…Everyday!
With Love and Blessings!

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