News Flash: You Don’t Have To Struggle! – Part 1

News Flash: You Don’t Have To Struggle!

Thought For The day…Thought For Life…NOW!

“…that if you see yourself as prosperous, you will be. If you see yourself as continually hard up, that is exactly what you will be.” -Robert Collier

Having the Life that you desires…a Life that serves you and others…a Life that YOU CHOOSE and deliberately create is about learning how to give up the struggle. This is why we will talk about it frequently. Struggle is trying to rearrange the world so that it aligns with the way you think it should be. It is the greatest source of unhappiness in our world today. It happens when you focus on what you perceive you don’t have, instead of embracing, as well as being grateful for what you do have.

The need to struggle and labor, sometimes with tremendous effort to get what we want is an illusion and like all other illusions (or assumptions), by their very nature, they keep us from seeing the Truth that is right before us. The Truth of us…The Truth of who we are. The magnificence of who we inherently are…which provides for our Authentic Power and Self, that, in turn, provides for a Life of abundance and goodness, and Joy, regardless of situation, circumstance or event.

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