Hey…When Your Day Doesn’t Start Out the Way You Hoped It Would…

When your day doesn’t start the way you hoped it would, you need to take control of the one thing you have control over – you.

So…I was on my morning run…perfect day…what with the sun shining, the blue skies, waves crashing so that I felt the spray of the ocean on my face… and as I passed the golf course, I decided to stop a moment and get a long deserved drink of water from the fountain that marked one of the most pristine greens.  I quietly took a drink…so as not to disturb what I deemed would soon be play in process.  3 golfers…all men…stood at the tee, with one approaching, teeing up his ball, he took a practice swing.  I just had to watch before I continued my final mile and a half home.  Besides, this looked like a spectacular shot in the making!

He swings…about the type of swing I’d take…and, almost immediately, curses…not blesses (that will be a post for another time)…his shot.  I notice more than the divot that was made, with the golfer swinging his club in disgust, shouting at himself, as well as anyone who was listening, “That’s why I never have a good game!”…  And… without a doubt, he’s totally right…his thoughts became that thing of yet another lousy swing, another lousy shot…and another lousy golf game.  And…yet, one more time, that golfer is totally correct.  His heart thought (belief) became and determined his mind thought (perception), and his external world of, yet, another lousy golf came was demonstrated and manifested in mighty ways.

I continued on my morning run thinking about the fact that I had witnessed that good old Law of Attraction in motion one more time…

We were born to succeed!

We were born with all the tools to succeed and enjoy a wonderful life.

We  were born with all the potential to succeed, we can achieve any goal we want… Our Authentic Power from within!

You may not think or believe that you can achieve your goals and have a better life.

When you were born you had no negative thoughts.
No Limiting Beliefs.
No self doubts.
You could do anything.

But on your Journey through life, you stopped believing that. Maybe, You started to doubt yourself… to let negative thoughts fill your mind. Maybe somebody told you that you can’t succeed or that life is hard and you believed them.

You started to develop limiting beliefs and you began to think you no longer have the potential to succeed. You may even believe that you were not born to succeed, or worse,
that you were born to suffer.

The truth is you still have all that potential, you’ve just buried it… you’ve dismissed it and you’ve let negative thinking, limiting beliefs and self doubt convince you that you can’t or won’t succeed.

So how do you unlock the potential that you were born with? How do you turn things around and succeed?

Start by changing the way you see yourself, or changing what you think about yourself.

If you feel that you can’t succeed, whether it’s with respect to your golf game or any other area of your Life…that you’ll only fail, and that no matter what you do things won’t get better… then change this thought pattern.  BEG ONE negative thought pattern!!!

Dismiss it.
Don’t accept those thoughts.
None of it is true. That’s RIGHT…It’s NOT the Truth of you!

No matter how lousy things may seem you can and will succeed because you were born to succeed.

Tell yourself that if you like, say it out loud: I was born to succeed.

Say it again, only this time with a slight change: I AM born to succeed.

You are born to succeed!!!

When you think of past failures, or if you think you’ll only fail again, change those thoughts. Think of the times you did succeed. Go back as far as you have to.

Your mind will tell you things like: “Yeah but that was then, you can’t succeed now.
Who are you kidding. You can’t do that. There’s no way.”

If that happens, change those thoughts.
Push your mind to find ways to succeed.
Tell yourself, this time I’m doing things differently.
Give yourself reasons to succeed.
List Them…NOW!

The only reason your mind comes up with these excuses for not succeeding is because
that’s what it’s used to doing.

Over the years you’ve developed a pattern of thinking and a set of beliefs that
have created your current outlook and your current life.

If you keep the same thought patterns and the same beliefs you’ll always have the same life – I guarantee it. Nothing will change… and that’s not good enough!

But if you change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your outlook you will change your life – and I can guarantee that as well.

You see your subconscious follows your current thoughts and beliefs like a roadmap. If you think you’re going to fail or that life is difficult, your subconscious simply says: you want failure, I’ll make sure you get more.

So change what’s in your subconscious, give it a new road map and you’ll get new results.

But first you have to decide what that map is going to look like. You have to know what you want, then you can create the thoughts, beliefs, outlook and actions that will help you succeed.

When you do that on a regular basis you’ll be living up to your full potential. You’ll begin succeeding because that’s what you were born to do.

So don’t believe the naysayer in your head. Believe in yourself and your ability.

You are born to succeed!!!

You have all the ability to achieve your goals and live your dreams. Direct the power of your mind and subconscious mind to create the happiness, success, wealth, relationships and Life you want today.

You can succeed at anything… now believe in yourself… your destiny has yet to be written… make it the life you want NOW!

To Your Heath, Joy & Success in All Ways…Always!


PS: Remember if you don’t do anything – if you don’t change the way
your mind works and direct your subconscious mind to create the
life you want – everything stays the same – nothing changes. This
is your life – make the most of it…NOW!

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