Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year…This Is The End of The World As We Know IT!…NOW!

Hello & Great Day, Beloved!

Well…here we are…The Eve of a brand New Year…2021  Yes, 2021 has dawned …and for many, it’s not one moment too soon.

I Am so thankful that together we have made it through this chaotic and fearful…this so uncertain time of 2020.

As I sit here, conveying my Best Wishes for the New Year approaching, I’d like to digress from the traditional for just a moment.

As I recall that many years ago I learned to play the game of poker, I got to thinking about how much Life is a reflection of what goes on during this same game.  Actually, my poker mentors, aside from BEing very patient with my learning curve to somewhat master my rendition of this game called poker, find it quite humorous…not to mention, but I will… annoying, when I hardly ever seemed to fold a hand.

So how does all this affect you?…I know you’re asking yourSelf that very question! Here’s the answer…in more ways than one.

As much as the last 12 months have been a time of struggle and sorrow … it has been an extraordinary opportunity for growth, evolution, and expansion.

Growth in our mindset.

Expansion in new ways for our businesses.

Evolution in our gifts and message to the world…our skills, talents, and abilities…in our impact, …and in our BEing.

And, as we turn to our New Year 2021, and Begin to set goals and make resolutions…

I offer You the following on resolutions for 2021.

If we truly want to create something new, Beginning Now in 2021…The single most important question we can ask OurSelves is…

“What do I need to leave behind in 2020?”

The true nature of resolutions is to resolve… to BE in completion of… to BE released from.

And, if 2020 taught us anything…If we understood that this was the year of Perfect Vision 2020…it was absolute clarity around what we no longer want around, what no longer serves us…and what we want to create for ourSelves, for our families, and for our planet.

My question to You is…What have you made the Powerful decision to leave behind?

Perhaps it’s a relationship that is giving you more pain and challenges than happiness.

Perhaps it’s a fear of financial insecurity.

Perhaps it’s a job that leaves you feeling empty.

Perhaps it’s distractions that prevents you from spending the time you truly desire with your loved ones? Distractions that disallow you from Going Within, and understanding and Living your Authentic Self.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of not good enough, or procrastination, or, even Self sabotage?

Whatever ‘it’ is that you choose to leave behind TODAY will open up a whole new possibility for your Life in this new year!

And, you won’t have to do IT alone.

If we’re not loving Life in the moment…rather than feeling guilty and distracted about the past or worried about the future…

If we’re not putting joyful energy into BEing alive, no matter what Life brings us…

And if we’re not committing fully to everything we do, and everyone we love… then we’re not going “All In”.

I’ll admit, it’s hard to do this all the time! 2020 has revealed that. For Life often gets in the way of Living….Trust and believe, I know with my own personal struggles, especially over the last several months.

However, when we Truly understand and recognize that Life doesn’t happen to us…IT happens for us…

We truly Know it’s our Purpose in this Life to Live, Love and Laugh to the fullest Heaven sent extent possible.

When we go “All In”, we’re giving everything — whether we’re talking about poker or Life.

Especially on this New Year’s Eve… I invite you to do just that…Go “All In” …and give everything…all throughout this New Year…2021!

Yes, it’s time to release all that is not serving us… and realize our Magnificence!…Our Authentic Self from Within!

 And while you’re at it…here’s a Thought for 2021…For Life…On… YOU!

YOU Are Marvelous! YOU Are Amazing! YOU Are Loved!

And…most of ALL…YOU Are One with the Divine…with Source…with Spirit…with GOD!

 2021 is Our Year to …

BE The Source Within Us…Now!


 May 2021 BE filled with much Love, Peace, Joy, Excellent Health, & Abundance for YOU, Your families, friends, & Loved ones!

Happy New Year to YOU!

I Remain In Service

With Love and Appreciation!



“There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire.”  -Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

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