Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! On LIFE-Process…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Life-Process

“If certain things do not come at certain expected times in the way you wish, do not consider it a failure… Stand firm in the faith that something much better is on the way and will be here at the right time.” Catherine Ponder

So…This is what I know.

I AM so grateful to be a mother and grandmother!

BEing a mother has taught me strength that I did not realize that I had. Being a mother has called forth my faith to transition my fears into unconditional love!

Especially NOW… I consciously choose to participate in the Life- process that I have so graciously been blessed with. I am embracing this Life-process as a precious gift from God…from Spirit…from Source that exists in the universe of good.

Choosing not to be simply an island, I realize and accept a bit more conscious responsibility for others. In this give and take process of Life, we can give the gift of unconditional positive regard, LOVE, and appreciation to everyone that walks with us in Life. As we are blessed with the ability to thrive on LOVE, let us extend that appreciation as a gift when we give it away.

By participating in Life process of Nurturance…especially with the celebration of Mother’s Day…we demonstrate that we value the preciousness of Life, and want to share that value with our loved ones, our community, and our planet.

As you take one day at a time, especially this Mother’s Day weekend, I invite YOU to embark on your journey of Life-process. Give yourSelf ample time to learn and grow, and to inspire those seeds of change that will reflect your powerful Divine Feminine… your Authentic sense of Self.
Through personal reflection, I invite YOU to ask more of yourSelf, and initiate an even deeper sense of inner peace. Try it…for I AM certain that YOU will like IT!

Happy Mother’s Day to all  mothers… mamas, moms…and gandmothers out there! I pray that you are celebrating this Mother’s Day Weekend, as well as, the role YOU play for your children, your grandchildren,  and ALL whom YOU nourish and nurture!

BE The Source Within You… Now!

Have a Magnificent Mother’s Day…Everyday!


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