What is Wellness Empowerment Coaching?

“Coaches reported that wellness coaching is significantly more effective than personal training or dietician consultation in delivering sustainable behavior change.”
Pilot: Principals of Behavioral Psychology in Wellness Coaching,
Margaret Moore, Wellcoaches Corporation, November 2004

Wellness Empowerment Coaching is a partnership between client and coach that supports the client as they journey from where they are at present and where they want to be. Wellness Empowerment Coaching assumes that you want to achieve a life that is purposed, fulfilled, and balanced as you express your best and healthiest Self.

What is the Mission of Wellness Empowerment Coaching?

You, the client, is seen as one who is capable of achieving their highest potential as a fit and healthy human being in body, mind, and spirit. Through the introduction of skills and strategies developed especially for you. With Rhonda as your coach you are able to access the strength and wisdom from within to realize and achieve your goals. Fitness, Health, and Wellness then become your lifestyle.

Who is a Wellness Empowerment Coach?

A Wellness Empowerment Coach assists you in identifying and setting goals with your values, priorities, and vision. We offer you the tools, support, and structure that keeps you focused, learning, and on track until you reach your goals!

Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA is a skilled professional dedicated to assisting YOU in living a Life of your choice…! A Life full of health and wellness…The Life YOU Desire, rather than a life of default. She is your companion for your Journey of Life, running right along with you……challenging, motivating, and inspiring you……taking you from where you are to where you want to be!

Who can benefit from having a Wellness Empowerment Coach?

Anyone who is interested in improving the quality of his or her life by being as healthy, fit and trim as they choose to be! Anyone who is ready, willing, and open to learning, growth, change, and moving forward to be, look, and feel their best!

What are the benefits of Wellness Empowerment Coaching? Why is Wellness Empowerment Coaching so popular?

Through Wellness Empowerment Coaching you gain…

  1. New insights, opportunities, and perspectives to guide your choices and actions
  2. Support, guidance, motivation, and inspiration your life in health, wellness, and fulfillment
  3. Clarity about where you want to go; and a road map for your journey to get you there
  4. An Awareness of self-imposed limitations and obstacles; and how to overcome them
  5. Knowledge of your priorities and values that you may build a strong personal foundation and lifestyle
  6. The opportunity to be the best you can be through the development of a personalized plan of action around your specific needs!