eBook: The Journey


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Awakening hearts, minds, and most especially, Spirit to the innate Power that resides within each one of us. The way to a better Life, a much improved Self-image, or even something as seemingly mundane as moving meaningfully, not to mention quickly, through the check-out line at the grocery store, is, indeed, at our core.

We are all responsible for our experiences. In that light, every thought we think is creating our Future. The thought that we must be willing to Love ourselves, as well as truly Love our Self, where Self approval and Self acceptance remain in the Now, is the Key to positive and long lasting Change.

When we Love ourselves, everything in our Life Works!

From identifying your Passion, to eliminating your stress…to enabling your Life to work just as you desire…here are some fundamentals, in brief, to the gracious Journey we have been placed on.

Here’s to accepting your path! Have a tremendously sparkling Journey!