BE Your Valentine! On Love…

On Love…

“Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings it’s melody to the night. To awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”-Kahlil Gibran

We began this Valentine’s Day week asking…”Do YOU love YourSelf?  Would YOU BE Your Valentine?

When we discover the anchor in our Self our sense of insecurity evaporates… And our capacity to love becomes less needy and truly more bountiful!

While I invite my audiences to consider a number of avenues to loving…yes, truly loving Self…I offer you with what I consider the essentials of same…Loving YourSelf!  They remain…

Treat others with love and respect. Bringing joy to other people’s lives will help you find joy in your own. In addition, those that you treat well will likely “repay” you with the same kindness. Gradually you will start to feel your worth through the smiles of gratitude. However, don’t just be very kind to people so you can receive royal treatment!

Learn to let go of past events. You deserve a fresh beginning! There are a lot of people out there that have had hard lives/bad beginnings or moments. Don’t close YourSelf out of grief, disappointments, or fears of future ridicule. Acknowledge your feelings, but work to put them behind you. Cherish what you have learned from your challenges, and how you have changed and grown from them. Forgive those who have done you “wrong”. Most importantly, though, forgive YourSelf.

Forgive YourSelf. Don’t punish yourself for something you have done in the past. Instead, look at the mistake as a learning experience. Say to YourSelf now: “I forgive mySelf for _______.” Go look in a mirror and say it out loud to YourSelf. Look YourSelf right in the eyes and speak forgiveness like you mean it. Don’t ever demean or ridicule YoursSelf. If you do, laugh out loud, realizing that was then and this is now. Every day is a new beginning. If you did something you are not proud of, resolve to never do it again and take steps to keep it out of your mind.

Do what you love. What do you love to do? When you could find something that you love to do, and spend time doing it, you will experience love, joy, and happiness in your heart. That is when you truly connect with your Authentic Self. As a result you become happier and more loving. Do what you love. What do you love to do?  As a result you become happier and more loving.  Ask YourSelf…What makes my tail wag?!

Treat YourSelf like you are treating your very best friend. How do you treat your very best friend? Do you treat him/her with love, kindness, trust, appreciation, acceptance, and respect? If you can give that to your friend, why don’t you give that to YourSelf? Practice treating YourSelf like you treat your very best friend… by saying kind words to YourSelf. Stop calling YourSelf names. Stop beating YourSelf up. Give YourSelf compliments. Know your boundaries ( a BIG one for me) and listen deeply to your needs. Always be kind and gentle with YourSelf.

Nurture YourSelf. Self care is very important. Set up some time to be by YourSelf… just by YourSelf. Do something that gives you peace, love, and joy with YourSelf. You can nurture YourSelf physically by exercising and consuming healthy food. You can nurture YourSelf emotionally by listening to love songs, painting, writing, or helping others in need. As you give YourSelf to others and offer help, you receive the gift of love back. You feel good about YourSelf because you live your life on purpose. You can nurture YourSelf mentally by reading your favorite books. You can nurture YourS spiritually by meditating…BEing silent…BEing still.

We spend so much time waiting to be loved, hoping love will find us, searching, yearning  for that special love. Feeling  empty and lost without it. Wanting someone to give us love and fill us up. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. Loving YourSelf is mainly having self-respect …which is the only dependable way to create love in your own life to share with others. When you expect love from an external source, and someone or something does not fulfill your void and fantasies, then you will feel worse than before. To be able to be loved, YOU must love and respect YourSelf as much as you do others. Understanding the effects of loving YourSelf will only enhance your ability to love others. By doing so, you are enabling positive energy and allowing for great situations to occur in your life. This guide will help. Never think that you’re living your life for nothing.  Everyday,  there are people coming in and out of the world, so spend it wisely and respect YourSelf.

Remember…In order to love someone, to BE loved…you must love YourSelf!  Of this, I AM certain!

By the way…If you enjoyed this post, found it helpful…or just plain Liked it…Please feel free to share it with someone YOU know…with someone YOU Love!

BE The Source Within You…Now!

Have a Magnificent day…Every day!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Much Love & Blessings Galore!



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