Ask Yourself

Do you experience the joy that comes from living a balanced life? 
Do you possess the skills, habits, and attitude for an empowered life? 
Can you bring out your best and stop settling for less? 
Want to have more fun in your life? 
Searching for inner peace and contentment without compromising success? 
Interested in overcoming the obstacles that keep you from being fit, trim and healthy? 
Are you ready to celebrate life… and the best you can be? 

If you’re ready to have more fulfillment, fun, and inner peace while enjoying outer success in feeling and looking fit and healthy, let’s talk!

Whether training for a marathon, attempting to lose pounds and inches, or seeking your optimum in physical, emotional, and Spiritual health and wellness, I invite you to access your most valuable resource…YOU! By accessing and utilizing the potential that is within you, and allowing it to guide your choices, you are empowered to take actions that lead to the achievement of the highest possible outcomes. In so doing, the challenge of maintaining motivation to accomplish your health, wellness, and fitness goals is overcome, all resulting in the best you can be.

This involves creating a healthy, passion-filled life that expresses your values, embodies your gifts, and fulfills your spirit! Through trust and respect, our goal is to inspire and assist you in remaining consistently motivated. The result: A happier and healthier you in all the ways you’ve envisioned!

Working from the “inside-out” remains the most effective way to bring balance, fulfillment, and breakthrough achievement to all areas of your life…not to mention an added wholeness and harmony to the world around us!

Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA, The LIFEstyle Empowerment Coach, offers the tools, support, and visioning for your breakthroughs. Above all, you will celebrate your progress and accomplishments, as Rhonda assists you in gaining new insights, and helps motivate you to move in the direction of your dreams! She is your committed partner to accomplish your goals!

Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA is The LIFEstyle Empowerment Coach. She is an author and consultant specializing in creating powerful programs in the areas of Health & Wellness, Motivation & Inspiration, and Spiritual Awareness.. Over the past twenty plus years, Rhonda has been a practicing psychotherapist, speaker, as well as coach and trainer in the field of Self-development. Her life’s mission is dedicated to individual Empowerment; for the conscious evolution of human kind……all earthlings… that they may align perfectly with their Creator, fulfilling their life purpose while enjoying its process…contributing to the Collective Consciousness of the planet…for the Highest and Best GOOD of ALL Concerned!

LIFEstyle Empowerment Coaching is the place and process for you to ask huge questions, explore that which you have been dreaming about, and make some amazing and beneficial discoveries and changes towards a fit and healthy body, mind, and Spirit!


  • Taking time to reconnect with yourself and the life you are living now.
  • Exploring your inner strength and wisdom to discover what is most important to you, why you are here on this planet, and how you can look and feel the best you can be.
  • Envisioning your ideal body, mind and spirit that expresses your true passions, utilizes your unique skills, talents, and abilities, and allows your success.
  • Making conscious choices that lead to intentional and empowered living.
  • Being inspired to take daily action that brings you closer to the way you want to look, feel, and live.
  • Living a life that you love with a fit, trim and healthy body, a light heart, and a joyful spirit.

As your Coach, Rhonda supports you with enthusiasm, energy, insight, and lots of heart to bring life into alignment with your values, purpose, and vision. She is excited about working with you…as you desire inner health and peace that brings outer joy and contentment and leads to an extraordinary body, mind, and Spirit!

Through LIFEstyle Empowerment Coaching with Rhonda, you will……

  • Identify and connect with your deepest dreams and desires!
  • Take steps to bring them into your daily life!
  • Clarify priorities and overcome obstacles that keep you from being fit, trim and healthy!
  • Create personal time just for you…yes, more fun in your life!
  • End procrastination and start celebrating life!