Ask YourSelf…Would You BE Your Valentine?

So…Do YOU Love YourSelf…Would You Be Your Valentine?!

When You are wise and Empowered enough to love YourSelf 100%, good and not so good, you will be amazed at the opportunities that Life presents you.  -Rhonda Maria Farrah, MA, DRWA

Here we are…It’s Valentine’s Day week…again!  More than just a lovey-dovey week for couples, I feel that it should also be a special week to celebrate ALL sorts of relationships.

Let’s BEgin with OurSelf…with You!

Loving YourSelf is the single most important principle…on this planet… in the creation process. If we don’t love oursSelf, it is likely that we won’t decide to give ourSelf the things we desire.  Likely, that we won’t believe we deserve the things we desire…and even more likely that we certainly won’t have the energy to take action to create that which we desire. Of this I am certain!

When we were born, most of us were the center of the Universe. Remember?  Everything revolved around us and our welfare. And then around age 2, socialization took over and familial and societal rules demanded the giving up of Self.  Remember that… share the toy you want, don’t ask for what you want, don’t want. Good little girls and boys didn’t do those things. Now we’re adults screaming, “Why can’t I create what I want?”  Hey…I know!

It’s time to reclaim that little person inside that knew they were good enough, smart enough, brave enough, and special enough to ask for, and get, what they wanted. It’s been so long that most of us have lost the art of even knowing how to ask for what we want. Take it from “Little Rhonda” …it’s time!

In my speaking engagements and LifeStyle Empowerment coaching, often, when I ask for individuals to state what they want, I get responses like… “I don’t want to worry about money anymore,” and “I don’t want to be alone,” or “I don’t want this dis-ease, illness…this sickness.” Not that many speak what they want! They tell me what they want by stating what they DON’T want. ..Kind of…and not in so many words.  Wow…what’s that about???!!!

While it’s a start, that  doesn’t tell me what anyone wants.  It doesn’t give me clear direction. That is what most of us are doing with the Universe, and the Universe is replying… “Hey…YOU…I don’t understand the direction. Say What?  I can’t deliver the performance…that which your Soul is requesting and craving!”

Today… I invite YOU to give YourSelf permission to love YourSelf enough to give YourSelf – and the Creative Force – a very clear statement of desire for manifestation…that is, Wellness, Freedom, Love, Bliss, Security, Peace, Grace, Abundance, & Happiness. I AM, and create, all  in my life because I create me as these experiences within first. Match THAT, Universe. And the Universe says, “Yes.”

So…yes, It’s Happy Valentines Day week.  Keep in mind an in heart…In order to love someone, we must love OurSelf!  Of this, I AM certain!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Tomorrow…we will continue with BEing Your Valentine!  Stay tuned!

In the meantime…Have a Magnificent Day…Everyday!




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