Ask YourSelf: Have You Been Living In The Present…or Somewhere Else?

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

Source On Present…

So…This is what I Know!

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”  -Rhonda M Farrah, MA, DRWA

Ask YourSelf…Have you been living in the present… Or somewhere else?

So, what does it mean to live fully in the present moment?
It means that your awareness is completely centered on the here and now.
It means that you are not worrying about the future…or thinking about the past.
When you live in the present moment, you are living where life is happening…Now!

When it comes right down to it… It is your mind that is the only thing keeping you from living in the present!

Remember… Tomorrow is only a concept. Tomorrow is always waiting to come around the corner, but light has not been shed around the shadows of that corner… For time is always Now!

Today… I invite YOU to witness your thoughts as though they are purely sound.
Do not judge your thoughts as good or bad (noise). We are much more than our thoughts!
Just know that!  Breathe in the life of this present moment… And enjoy your Magnificence!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Have a Magnificent day… Everyday!


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