About Rhonda

Professional Experience

In more than 25 years as a practicing Educational Counselor and Psychotherapist, Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA has consulted with clients and companies in a variety of industries and environments. Rhonda has applied her experience and education as a coach, author, speaker, and teacher specializing in Health and Wellness Empowerment in all aspects of Life.

As a speaker, Rhonda has proved to be a highly articulate and effective communicator, recognized for her creativity; and a visionary who sees “the big picture”. Her imaginative flair has served others, and earned her recognition as a resource person, problem solver, and creative leader. Rhonda is blessed in that she excels in developing and presenting seminars and classes based on a balanced lifestyle; all including her key areas of experience ranging from Human Dynamics & Development, Motivation, to Spiritual Awareness & Development.

As a practicing LIFEstyle Empowerment Coach, Rhonda assists individuals in Empowering themselves, as well as those that surround them, thus actualizing their health and wellness goals and objectives on both personal and professional levels. Rhonda has a demonstrated talent for motivating, encouraging, and leading individuals in a positive direction for betterment and Empowerment. Rhonda’s creative endeavors are dedicated to individual Empowerment and the conscious evolution of humankind, that we may align perfectly with our Creator, fulfilling our purpose while enjoying its process…All culminating in a Collective Consciousness for the Highest and Best GOOD of ALL concerned!

Personal Experience

A breast cancer “Thrivor”…that’s Thriving breast cancer survivor, Rhonda enjoys a passion for Life; and assists clients in overcoming health and wellness obstacles and challenges, that they may achieve the energy, passion, and purpose that is inherently theirs. An avid runner, Rhonda also enjoys distance running six days per week to the tune of 50-60 miles. She has faithfully participated in marathons, to include the Big Sur Marathon, and encouraged many individuals to run and walk regularly for the tremendous Spiritual, emotional and physical benefits. Her running, as well as resistance/strength training regimen, contributed to enabling her to effectively minimize the negative side effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy while being treated for breast cancer. Rhonda thoroughly promotes the Empowering effects and benefits of an exercise program…Spiritually, emotionally, as well as Physically… when faced with Life’s challenges, encouraging a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Rhonda’s Spiritual strength, through a variety of personal and professional Life challenges, has enabled her to turn adversity into opportunity.

Rhonda5“I pour out with enthusiasm my gratitude for daily blessings from our Source/Creator. Moreover, my participation in Spiritual Study, enables me to live beyond myself, while encouraging and empowering others to be the best they can be in body, mind and Spirit. . . financially and socially as well!”

The oldest of three brothers and one sister, Rhonda was raised by a traditional stay-at-home mom, and a dad who preferred mom stay at home, in an extended family of primarily women. She credits that tradition as invaluable in providing the spirit of nurturance of self and others she especially subscribes to.

Rhonda is an energetic and playful woman who loves to laugh… enjoying each moment of the process of this Journey we have so graciously been placed on. She loves cooking, gardening, writing, and walking on the beach and everything to do with the ocean. Her greatest blessing is her family, and especially her daughter, Amanda, and grandson, James (JP). Rhonda resides, gratefully, in Southern California.

Education & Training

  • Master’s Degree & Teaching Credential-Educational/Counseling Psychology, University of Connecticut
  • Bachelor’s Degree-Sociology/Psychology, University of Connecticut
  • Certification/Member International Coaching Federation

Professional Affiliations

  • International Centers for Spiritual Living
  • Licensed Teacher The Art of Feminine Presence
  • Humanity’s Team
  • National Association of Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Fitness Clubs
  • Self-Growth Network
  • US Open Wellness Team
  • Evolved World Magazine
  • WUN Love Magazine
  • WUN Love Blog Talk Radio Host
  • VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network-Host on the largest International Talk Radio Network


Contributing Author to America’s Leading Ladies

Contributing Author to America’s Star Entrepreneurs…Building A Brighter Tomorrow

Author of the Forthcoming Book  How To Forgive, Live & LOVE During The Process of Divorce…A Journey In Healing & Transformation