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Happy New Year…Welcome To 2018!

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Life & Living…

“There are no delays in the Divine Plan for me.” -Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Welcome to our New Year 2018… A time of New Beginnings each and every day.  A time of miracles and magic in every aspect of our Life…So long as we invite and choose the possibilities, the motivation for change, resolve, and renewal!

Take a moment to reflect on your life.

What is good about it?
What would you like to change?
What are the Possibilities to BE manifested that would make your heart sing with Joy?

To make the most of this precious gift of life, we must Live with Purpose, Love, and Integrity.  However, the choice is ours!  Really!

No matter what our current station in Life is, when we set out to do our personal best… And be the best person WE can BE… one foot in front of the other, head held high, hand outstretched to help another… and heart open wide…All is well!

Coming to terms with our Life…It’s purpose and direction, and, most importantly, our ability to change its course, can only bring us closer to our dreams and that which we Desire. Of this, I AM certain!

Today… I invite YOU to…
Savor each moment.
Appreciate the beauty all around you.
Give to someone in need.
Especially… Follow your heart!

Let The Source BE With YOU…Now!

Remember…Have a Magnificent day… Everyday!
Blessings & A Success-Filled 2018 of Awesome Experiences & Expression

To YOU, Beloved…My Family, Loved Ones, Clients, & Colleagues!

And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.   – Dr. Seuss

Hope this finds you Excellent… and experiencing God’s Blessings …in body, mind, and Spirit…in all ways!

What a year 2017 has been.  Filled with both Joy and challenges on many levels for each and every one of us.  As for me, I chose to see the Joy, as well as, the challenges as Blessings…perhaps wrapped in different paper…some with ribbon and bows, and some without the glitter and gold.  And while it sometimes felt that this beginning of a new era would never end, it also seems like we just began the year 2017 Yes…Times are a chang’in…and in many ways, IT is the end of the world as we know IT. And IT Truly is a time to FEEL FINE…and then some!

For me 2017 has been a year of healing, of Spiritual and Emotional Nourishment and Empowerment.  Thanks to its many influences…the Good, as well as, the not so good… I am stronger!  The circumstances, events, and situations of this year have served me in Mighty ways…teaching me some Life-long lessons…Yes, more of those…Replenishing my mind, my Spirit, my Authentic Self.  And through it all, my sense of Purpose is clear…and re-defined…re-created, if you will… in some Magnificent and Remarkable ways for my highest and best Good…For the the highest and best Good of all concerned.  This, for me, was a year of removing myself from my proverbial comfort zone…Yes, I know her well…and testing my skills, talents, and abilities.  Of leaving my fear and doubt zones, along with leaving that  place of sometimes living a life of default, and identifying and moving forth with the Life I Desire!

As I take inventory of those precious assets from within, of restored balance, and that Authentic Power from within…that is present in each and every one of us…I look back on this year, 2017, and am thankful for it’s memories and reminders that will continue to feed my Soul…my ability to rise to each new challenge, as well as, appreciate each and every success, from the smallest to the largest, for my Lifetime…To Infinity and Beyond!

So, 2017, thank you for the Blessings and Successes, regardless of the wrapping paper they arrived in!

Yes… thank you for my re-Birth of Radio broadcasting on Good News Radio Network…as the host of Help Me Rhonda…NOW!... and the opportunity to make some very significant guest appearances on other programming for Purpose…for Source.  Thank you 2017 for the Powerfully Authentic and effective relationships and collaboration…my well-received publications, messages, and ministries…that are unfolding and transforming… of some thoroughly Magnificent  individuals and organizations that are serving to Empower others in Mighty ways.  Thank you, 2017, for the opportunity to publish as a contributing Author in America’s Star Entrepreneurs…Building A Brighter Tomorrow, (America’s Legacy Library).

I AM so grateful for continued opportunities to author and publish… my forthcoming books, How To Forgive, Live & LOVE During The Process of Divorce…A Journey In Healing & Transformation, as well as, a book of Inspirations, Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

And, thank you, 2017, and, especially, Spirit God within, for the opportunity, strength, and courage to do some re-inventing of my sense of Self…that has served to truly speak the Joy, the Health, the Vitality, and Wellness that has enhanced every aspect of my Life!

Yes…once again… after I realized the Reality that it’s not aiming too high and missing, but, rather, aiming too low and hitting that mark, that dis-empowers us, individually, as well as, collectively…my Journey has Expanded…and I began to look at LIFEstyle Empowerment as an even bigger and far reaching picture than I was…in ways that effect our Planet and our Well-BEing in Almighty ways!  NOW…That’s Empowering!  So…Stay Tuned!!!

Moreover…I AM grateful for the Support and Trust you have shown me, and for the opportunity to serve you. Here’s to making Our New Year 2018 a year where together we reach new heights of success for the highest and best good of all!

Beloved, I wish each of you a very Happy & Healthy remainder to this Holy Season!  There is so much to be thankful for… And, I AM thankful for, and appreciative of each of you!

Throughout this traditionally gift-giving time, may you give yourself the Gift that you would…

Hear Life From A Higher & Divine Vibration!… For YOU deserve It!…all throughout our New Year 2018…For All Is Well!!!

 Peace Be With YOU…NOW & Always!      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!

With Much Love & God’s Blessings Galore!


On Satisfaction…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Satisfaction…

“There is a scientific way of thinking about everything, a true and right way that prevents the needless waste of mental energy and produces the desired results on all occasions.” -Raymond Holliwell, Working with the Law

Satisfaction… Feeling deeply fully satisfied with yourSelf and the life you are building. Much like building a home… feeling satisfied with your yourSelf adds another emotional, thoughtful, and, Spiritual building block to the foundation of who you are… Providing shelter and comfort through challenging times… And empowerment and support through the good times.

Seeking satisfaction in all that we are allows us to become all that we can BE!

However, seeking satisfaction requires energy. If you strive to except yourSelf and find pleasure in your life, you walk in life with strength and empowerment… Unlike the victim Who, likely, sees the world in terms of things being done to them. Those of us who remain strong see the world in terms of the things that we may do in this world… And for this planet.

Today… I invite YOU to remind your Self … “I am doing the best that I can,…And I am thankful for all that I am …and all that I have.”
Appreciate those little things in life… And focus on those little things that give you great joy!
Remember to love the wrinkles and laugh lines on your face that mark the experiences that make you who you are today! For… YOU are Magnificent!

BE The Source Within YOU… Now!

Have a Magnificent Day… Everyday!

On Freedom…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Freedom…

“My possibilities are as limitless as the Infinite in which I live and which lives in me.” -Ernest Holmes

Counting down…with 4 days remaining until our New Year 2018…ASK YourSELF…

What is Freedom to Me?

You Know…It’s different for everyone.

Most of us, at varying times, are seeking some sort of freedom. For some freedom is money…for some it’s love, time, excellent health, freedom to choose…and the list goes on!

This is what I Know…

In Truth…we are really seeking to feel Free.

So… what does Freedom FEEL like to You?
What would your day BE like when you feel Free? Get real specific… So that you may bring about that feeling …For Now… this moment …is where It’s at!

We ALWAYS have the Freedom to choose our thoughts, responses… our focus…. regardless of situation, circumstance, or event.
Know that and you will BE well on your way to feeling the power of your personal Freedom NOW!

Today … I invite YOU to Play that music which is in your heart!

Today… I invite YOU to know deep inside that your choices have brought you the experiences and lessons that have served to carry YOU to where YOU are today. Your choices have fulfilled a purpose in creating your world… And will continue to do so as YOU move on the path towards greater peace… Towards greater joy! When you follow your heart and make decisions with forethought and circumspection, YOU cannot go wrong at that present moment in time! Of This… I AM certain!

This Eve of New Year’s Eve weekend… and BEyond…I invite you to Let Freedom Ring…to put aside your fears and doubts… And BEgin to Live the LIFE YOU Desire!

And then… Enjoy the Celebration…🎉😘

Have a Magnificent day…Everyday!

On Confidence…

Thought 4 Today… Thought 4 LIFE!

On Confidence …


“… surrender of all our littleness, fears, doubts, and uncertainties to that great something within us that is calm and certain and sure.”
-Ernest Holmes

So… this is what I know.

Truly, I do not need to know any more than that I AM already perfect, whole and complete. I confidently accept the wonder, the magnificence, and the blissful awareness that is mine. And…For this I AM grateful!

So… It’s all about perspective… How we see things. When we change the perspective with which we knew a situation, does it not make a difference? One person may interpret circumstances devastating, while another will see the same experience as Empowering… Fulfilling.

The same holds true with respect to confidence… It’s all in how we see our Self.

Listen up. No one can instill confidence in you… Nor in me. We must choose to possess confidence.

Ask yourself… “Shall I choose to take charge of my future with confidence that all will turn out well, and that all my dreams will come true?” I dare you to allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Let’s Live past the fear, the doubt, and the insecurity that keep us from feeling our personal best.

Today… I invite YOU to think, “I can”, and you will! Of this, I AM certain!

BE The Source Within YOU… Now!

Remember…Have a Magnificent day… Everyday!


On Change…

Thought 4 Today. Thought 4 LIFE!

On Change…

“When I am kind and tolerant, I am well-pleased with myself.” -Ernest Holmes

Especially during this Holy Season…On this Eve of our New Year 2018… This is what I Know…

I AM The voice of change. YOU are the voice of change!

While most of us feel comfortable with the familiar, it remains a grander individual who accepts, as well as, respects that which is different from them. And…an evolving person who seeks to discover that which is different, that they may grow from that awareness.

Tolerance invites peace and goodness to enter our lives, with its loving embrace from an open heart of, and to, all that is unique and different. Tolerance announces, “You may be different from me, no better or worse, as I may be different from you.  And, that’s OK.  All is well and very well.”

Today, I invite YOU to let tolerance enter your life. To clear and declutter your mind of limiting, negative beliefs and differences. To welcome what is unique and different about others, and to encourage that diversity, providing for a life that flourishes for yourSelf and others.

Today, I invite YOU to stop judging, and start loving!

BE The Source Within YOU … Now!

Have a Magnificent day…Everyday!

On Spirit…

Thought 4 Today… Thought 4 LIFE!

On Spirit…

“Mind-the Thing, Spirit, Causation-is beyond, and yet not beyond, our grasp.”
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

So… This is what I Know!

Each of us is a representation… And individualization of Universe…Source…Spirit God Itself.
Moving as Source, Spirit…God In me, As me, Through me…Above me, BEneath me, BEside me, For me, & BEfore me.

Rather than merely the physical realm… Material possessions which lose their meaning…
It is that of Spirit that really counts! What we are goes beyond the physical… Beyond that which we can see.
Our Spirit is the essence of who we are as a person. Our Spirit is the light that shines from within… That which houses the love of life, attitudes…Our sense of well-BEing…
Our vision for the best of the best in every area of our life… Our vision for the best of the best for our planet!

Today… I invite YOU to nourish your Spirit. To elevate your Spirit by forming your own particular relationship with Spirit God… To strengthen and bless YOU through all times… Good times, and not so good times! Faith is the key to that relationship… And prayer is what gets you there!

Today… I invite YOU to lift the Spirit of another. To wear a smile… To laugh and sing out loud…To look in the mirror and say, “I love you”, to yourSelf, As well as, to another each and every day. Today… I invite YOU to follow your heart… For there is where your light shines bright… For YOU, as well as, others!

Yes…Just do It NOW! For woulda, coulda, shoulda rarely get It done!

Of this, I AM certain!

BE The Source Within YOU… Now!

Remember… Have a Magnificent Day… Everyday!

On Passion…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Passion…

“Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things. ”
-Denis Diderot

So… This is what I Know!

In this most Holy Holiday Season of birth, creation, as claiming, as well as, reclaiming our True sense of Self…

Our time on earth is borrowed. Life is God’s gift to us. More than the material possessions of this world, it is the things of Spirit…of the Soul that really matter!

What YOU are goes beyond the physical… Beyond the Xternal… Beyond that which you can see. Your Soul is the essence of who you are as a person. It is the light that shines from within that houses your love of life, attitudes…Your sense of outlook and well-being. Nourishing your soul… Living with passion… Takes commitment and discipline.

Today… I invite YOU to elevate your Soul!
You can lift your spirits today, as well as, the spirits of others with the little things you do. How about smiling… Laughing more… Singing out loud?

How about saying, “I love you” to someone every day… Beginning today!

Each time you lift a spirit, the Soul soars with the passion that it is! And… In so doing, your life becomes brighter from the light that shines within you!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Have a Magnificent day…Everyday!

On Energy…Us In Motion!

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Energy…Us In Motion!

We do not create energy, we distribute it, and in the natural sciences, we know that we can transform energy from one type to another. So the will may decide what form the energy is to take, but it cannot nor does it need to create the energy. -Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

So…This is what I know.

We have all the energy we need to do and be everything we are called to do and be. We have all we need Spiritually to change, and to grow!  Just Know that!  Just choose that!

Trust and believe…nothing stays the same!
Know in your heart, as well as your mind, that whatever troubles appear overwhelming today, they shall pass. It is through faith and knowing, not merely hope, that we transition to where we need to be through whatever challenges and struggles we may face. Know In your heart that when you stop attempting the new, fail to take chances, and refuse to face your fears, you will stagnate. You will no longer evolve into the Divine BEing that you are.

Today…I invite You to claim your energy!
Refuse to become complacent!  Keep changing!  Keep dreaming!  Keep growing!  Our Divine energy is always available to us! Of this, I am certain!

BE The Source Within You…Now!

Have a Magnificent day…Everyday!


On Destiny…

Thought 4 Today…Thought 4 LIFE!

On Destiny…

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is the thing to be achieved.” -William Jennings Bryan

It  can be an intimidating thought that somethings in life are inevitable… Out of our control… A matter of faith. Most of us feel safe when we feel in control.

To be out of control… In the sense that you surrender to your destiny while making the wisest choices available…Divine Right Choices… is a step toward finding peace of mind. The key is to understand that peace of mind comes when we control what we can.… As we have the Faith that everything else… our destiny… will be fulfilled in Divine Right Time!

We are here to make wise choices based on love ❤️ to shape our destiny… And to realize our Life Purpose!

Today… I invite You to surrender… To make wise choices… To have faith…and to follow your heart. For it is then that we Know our Purpose!

BE The Source Within YOU…Now!

Have a Magnificent Day… Everyday!